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SF6 Filling and Testing Units

Equipment for filling, topping up and testing SF6 gas chambers

The SF6 filling and testing units facilitate the safe and efficient filling, topping-up and checking of system pressure in SF6 gas chambers. The operating points for SF6 monitoring can also be checked. All the equipment items are stowed in a handy carrying case.


Key Features

  • Safe filling and topping up with SF6
  • Easy checking of system pressure and operating points
  • Various connectors and adapters available



The units consist of the following principal components:

  • Connecting hose with connectors (depending on intended use)
  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Precision pressure gauge
  • Adapter
  • Safety valve
  • Needle valve for fine adjustments
  • Caps
  • Coupling (optional)

The individual components vary according to the intended use (filling, topping up or inspection). Appropriate adapters and connectors are available for every application.

Operating principle

The equipment is connected to the relevant gas chamber and, if necessary, to an SF6 gas bottle. The system is then either filled with SF6 gas or its pressure is measured.


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