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Children’s Two-Piece Canes Series KS

All Comde-Derenda Children’s Canes (Series KS) have been developed in cooperation with “Anderes Sehen“, a charitable organisation that addresses the support of blind children.

Our Canes are made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy which is also used in the aerospace industry. All canes come with a skin-friendly beechwood handle with finger grooves and a light-reflecting surface. A range of colors is available for personalizing your cane. All Comde-Derenda cane tips (or other tips with M8 thread) can be used with these canes.

The canes consist of two parts and are available in lenghts from 90 to 140 cm. The upper section (handle section) is 50 cm long and has a diameter of 11 mm, the lower section (tip section) has a diameter of 8.5 mm. The total lenght of the cane can be adjusted by replacing the tip section, e.g. when the child needs a longer cane. The handle has a length of 23 cm. The weight of the Childrens Canes (gram) correlates with its lenght in cm.

Please contact us if you require more information about choosing the right cane for your child. We would be happy to assist!

+49 3329 69027-246


Key Features

  • Custom built for children
  • Very light and rugged
  • Small packing size
  • “Grows” with your child
  • Comes in six Colors
  • Features a cloakroom loop

Technical Data

Children’s Two-Piece Canes KS25KB
Color: Red, Green, Blue, White, Gold, Leaf Green Material: POM white
Length: 90 – 140 cm Diameter: 25 mm
Tube Handle Segment ∅: 11 mm Shape: Pear
 Tube Tip Segment ∅: 8.5 mm Weight: app. 17 g
 Weight:  approx. length (cm) in grams Item Number: 210068

Prices available upon request.

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