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Identification Canes Series ZS

Comde-Derenda lightweight Identification Canes series ZS are made from powder-coated Aluminium. The individual tube sections are connected by precision conical connectors and can easily be folded to a lenght of 19 cm for storage. Aided by a built-in elastic cord, the cane can quickly reassemble itself.

All Identification Canes are equipped with skin-friendly beechwood handles with finger grooves. The integrated elastic wrist-strap is also used for fastening the folded cane. The canes are delivered with a finger-shaped tip (M6 thread); all other Comde-Derenda tips can also be used in connection with an adapter.

Please note: Our Identification Canes are currently not covered by statutory health insurance in Germany!

Please contact us if you require more information about choosing the correct cane. We would be happy to advise!

+49 3329 69027-258


Key Features

  • The perfect companion for special events
  • Elegant design
  • Handy size
  • Lightweight


Technical Data

Sections: 5 Sections: 6 Sections: 7
Length: 82,5 cm Length: 98,5 cm Length: 114,5 cm
Weight: app. 75 g Weight: app. 86 g Weight: app. 97 g
Tube Ø: 8,5 cm Tube Ø: 8,5 cm Tube Ø: 8,5 cm
Handle: 15 cm Handle: 15 cm Handle: 15 cm
Item Number: 200247 Item Number: 200245 Item Number: 200246

Prices available upon request.

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