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Telefolding Canes

All Comde-Derenda telefolding canes are made from high-tech aluminum and come with a skin-friendly, ergonomically-shaped beechwood handle (or – on special request – with a handle from one of our seven other precious wood types). All canes are lenght-adjustable and feature a light-reflecting surface.

Please contact us if you require more information about choosing the right cane. We would be happy to assist!

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Key Features

  • Assembles itself
  • Beechwood handle
  • Precisely adjustable
  • Backlash free connections
  • No sharp edges
  • Lubricant-free
  • Hight-tech aluminium
  • Light reflecting surface


The multi-section telefolding cane was developed in cooperation with the Swiss National Association of and for the Blind (SNAB). Thanks to its rugged design, it is practically unbreakable when used normally. The connections between the individual cane sections are backlash free due to optimized conical connectors. The connector elements are hard-anodized and therefor very wear-resistant. This design makes the cane easy to use and gives it superior stability and flexural strength.

Thin-walled tube sections guarantee a very low weight. When the cane is extended, its sections are held together by an elastic cord that runs through the inside of the cane.

Before using the cane, the velcro strip and elastic loop which holds the folded cane together must be unfastened. Then the cane is simply held at the handle as its sections drop down and the cane assembles itself.

The number of cane sections can be selected according to the user’s height. Additionally, each cane features a telescopic section below the handle that enables the user to precisely adjust the cane’s lenght. The telescopic section is loosened and fixed by twisting the grooved tube section below the handle.

The handle features an elastic loop and a velcro strip. All Comde-Derenda cane tips (or other tips with M8 thread) can be used with our telefolding canes.


Technical Data


  TF25KK   TF25K   TF25   TF25XL
Sections: 4 Sections: 5 Sections: 6 Sections: 7
Length: 66 – 79 cm Length: 88 – 102 cm Length: 111 – 125 cm Length: 133 – 147 cm
Weight: app. 140 g Weight: app. 167 g Weight: app. 197 g Weight: app. 210 g
Item Number: 200010 Item Number: 200004 Item Number: 200015 Item Number: 200068
  TF28KK   TF28K   TF28   TF28XL
Sections: 4 Sections: 5 Sections: 6 Sections: 7
Length: 75 – 92 cm Length: 100 – 117 cm Length: 126 – 143 cm Length: 150 – 168 cm
Weight: app. 143 g Weight: app. 178 g Weight: app. 217 g Weight: app. 225 g
Item Number: 200086 Item Number: 200002 Item Number: 200001 Item Number: 200000
  TF25/28 Hybrid TF25/28 Hybrid XL
Sections: 6 Sections: 7
Length: 117 – 134 cm Length: 140 – 157 cm
Weight: app. 192 g Weight: app. 222 g
Item Number: 200007 Item Number: 200300

Prices available upon request.

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