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Wooden Handles

We provide our Telefolding Canes with a beechwood handle by default. But for individual preferences we also offer a variation of handles in special sizes and from different kinds of precious woods, that differ in weight, sensation and appearance.

Please contact us if you require more information. We would be happy to assist!

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Key Features

  • Birch tree
  • African Blackwood (Ebony)
  • Ash tree
  • Plum tree
  • Walnut tree
  • Zebrano tree
  • Cedar tree


Technical Data

  Beechwood handle   Birch tree handle
Material: Beechwood Material: Birch tree
Color: Plain colored Color: Very bright
Item Number: 200044 Item Number: 200104
  Ash tree handle   Plum tree handle
Material: Ash tree Material: Plum tree
Color: Bright grained Color: Shiny brown
Item Number: 200105 Item Number: 200105
  Walnut tree handle   Zebrano tree handle
Material: Walnut tree Material: Zebrano
Color: Brown grained Color: Bright brown with dark veins
Item Number: 200127 Item Number: 200128
  Cedar handle   Beechwood handle Beechwood handle stained black
Material: Cedar Material: Beechwood
Color: Bright brown with almost invisible veins Color: Stained black
Item Number: 200009 Item Number: 200153
  Beechwood handle “small”   Beechwood handle “XL”  
Material: Beechwood Material: Beechwood
Color: Plain colored Farbe: Einfarbig
Item Number: 200046 Item Number: 200082

Prices available upon request.

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