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Rigid Tips

We offer four different kind of rigid tips for your white cane. All of our rigid tips are made from POM, but differ in shape and weight. We have the right tip for you, whatever the application and preference may be.

Please contact us if you require more information about choosing the correct tip. We would be happy to assist!

+49 3329 69027-258


Key Features

  • Abrasion-resistant material
  • Rigidly fixed at the end of the cane
  • Various shapes and sizes


Technical Data


Rigid Tip D25KB Rigid Tip D35KB
Material: POM black Material: POM black
Diameter: 25 mm Diameter: 35 mm
Shape: Pear Shape: Pear
Weight: app. 14 g Weight: app. 32 g
Item Number: 200019 Item Number: 200020
Rigid Tip D14KF Children’s Tip D25KB 
Material: POM black Material: POM white
Diameter: 14 mm Diameter: 25 mm
Shape: Pencil Shape: Pear
Weight: app. 15 g Weight: app. 17 g
Item Number: 200021 Item Number: 210068
Slide Tip D80Snow qualed_0092_a_web
Material: POM orange
Diameter: 80mm
Shape: Jumbo Ball
Weight: app. 100 g
Item Number: 200134

Prices available upon request.

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