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Roller Tips

We offer a wide variety of roller tips for our white canes. Our range of tips includes numerous shapes, sizes, colors and materials. We have the right tip for you, whatever the application and preference may be.
Please contact us if you require more information about choosing the correct tip. We would be happy to assist!

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Key Features

  • Matches the demands of different surfaces
  • Swivels reusable
  • Wide variety of different shapes, sizes and materials


Technical Data


  Roller Tip D30KB   Roller Tip D35KB  
Material: POM black Material: POM black
Diameter: 30 mm Diameter: 35 mm
Shape: Ball Shape: Pear
Weight: approx. 26 g Weight: approx. 34 g
Item Number.: 200062  Item Number: 200011
  Roller Tip D45KB     Roller Tip D34KW  
Material: POM white Material: POM white
Diameter: 45 mm Diameter: 34 mm
Shape: Pear Shape: Barrel
Weight: approx. 55 g Weight: approx. 43 g
Item Number: 200016 Item Number: 200015
  Roller Tip D30FKB     Roller Tip D35FKB  
Material: Phenoplast Material: Phenoplast
Durchmesser: 30 mm Durchmesser: 35 mm
Shape: Ball Shape: Pear
Weight: approx. 26 g Weight: approx. 33 g
Item Number: 200012 Item Number: 200013
  Roller Tip D56AmbuM     Roller Tip D56Ambu red  
Material: POM white Material: POM red
Diameter: 56 mm Diameter: 56 mm
Shape: Ball Shape: Ball
Weight: approx. 67 g Weight: approx. 67 g
Item Number: 200271 Item Number: 200131
  Roller Tip D30AB     Roller Tip D66KT  ds66kt
Material: Aluminium Material: POM white
Diameter: 30 mm Diameter: 66 mm
Shape: Ball Shape: Disc
Weight: approx. 43 g Weight: approx. 56 g
Item Number: 200014 Item Number: 200018

Prices available upon request.

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